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The House

Sunday, December 4, 2005 – 12:12 PM
by Nina

I'm not sure this image from my mobile will do this justice but Kentwell looked amazing last night, Patrick lit flares all along the driveway (as they had a wedding in the house) and with the lights on the house frontage it looked like a fairy-tale.

Even the over-croft looked pretty lovely, after our (very long!) re-union meeting, the staff lit the room with fairy-lights and a gang of the musicians got people dancing ... I didn't join the throng in the end, but only because I was chatting with a whole lot of re-enactors I either haven't met before or seen since we last joined 'the main event'.

The regular Kentwell hard core had also provided (+ then consummed) the most comprehensive cross selection of crisps and crisp-related party nibbles I've ever seen.

sometime later