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'getting it right'

Sunday, October 23, 2005 – 6:10 PM
by Nina

1942 gossip ...
1942 gossip ...
Photo: John Podpadec

Whilst some of our other bloggers have been back in Tudor Times, we have been focussing on our footage shot to date and preparing to return to 1942 this coming weekend. Our last trip there was the first time we'd joined a WW II re-enactment, and, as Karen said at the time, it takes a while to grow confident with your period name never mind your 'back-story'.

One of the fascinating things I find in talking to people about their Kentwell lives is what shapes their characters in each period and how they develop these stories. Our 'tudor aunt' Kate commented that what she really likes about WW II is 'getting it right' and being able to act on her research in full confidence. So for example when they introduce powdered egg into the kitchen this happens in the right '1942 week', and of course with original recipes. This kind of tudor-accuracy is, she thinks, almost impossible.

I've now started experiences flashes of this 'research' satisfaction with some of our WW II reading ... I recently romped through Joan Wyndham's "Love Lessons". It's certainly not a complex read (in fact more like a 1940's London art school diary meets 'Jacky' magazine with a touch of 'Hello') but thoroughly enjoyable and to some extent obviously based on her real diaries from the start of the war. Like me, she went to Chelsea Art school, prompted it seems (and unlike me) by the desire for a studio space in Fulham in which to cook kidney suppers and narrowly avoid her various older and rather revolting sounding male-artist suitors ...

Anyway the details of her London war time life have at least started to help me imagine myself back in time.

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