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Propaganda posters & some new recruits!

Thursday, September 22, 2005 – 7:09 PM
by Nina

"Vounteer Housewife" by Showell
"Vounteer Housewife" by Showell
From the National Archives (unknown date)

As the Tudors are preparing for the Michaelmas mini (which sadly we can't attend) we're logging all our tapes from the last two events and starting on extended research for the next WW II event.

Interested in doing some more actual 'art making' within the re-creations we've been looking into WW II poster campaigns. Today I discovered this amazing site from the National Archives, which has loads of fantastic images and details about all the artists.

We also signed up a new blogging family as recruits today ... Mariot, Clem and Kitty welcome on board and have a good weekend at Kentwell ...

sometime later