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My Tudor Hobby?

Friday, September 2, 2005 – 5:09 PM
by Nina

Can I walk away from the Butts?
Can I walk away from the Butts?
Photo: Tim Olden

As Karen has mentioned stepping out from your existing 'Tudor rap' into more diverse 'business' (re-enactment term for general day-to-day action on the Manor) can prove pretty tricky, not least with a mixed audience of more experienced re-enactors and visitors.

Our Sunday visit to the much discussed 'Butts' (you can imagine the gist of the all-female Limning Station banter about this amusingly-titled-mainly-male-station) or archery area proved, not only a language problem but in my case a top-tudor perspiration challenge. As two of the very few 'middle-class' tudors we enjoy a certain freedom of movement about the Manor (ie. we're able to enter the house and talk to the Gentry or be seen moving about the grounds) and so it didn't seem inconceivable that we might be visiting the archers. The pathetic display we put on, however, when eagerly invited to join in probably wasn't that authentic, the term 'and release' resulting in dropped arrows and barely suppressed hysteria.

Always willing to rise to a challenge though I can see us now taking this up as a Tudor hobby ... why stop at an extremely complex new trade involving 50 pigments to be prepared and learnt by heart when you can also take on sourcing and using an authentic long-bow. As Karen has quite a bad 21st century 'multiple hobby problem' perhaps I should take up the Tudor slack?

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